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United States

The Vice President - Al Gore 

October 6, 1995

Mr. George Dyer
1910 Church Street, S.E.
Salem, Oregon 97302-3099

Dear Mr. Dyer:

Recently, I learned about the plans underway at South Salem High School in Salem, Oregon to coordinate an International Youth Summit Program. This project sounds like an exciting way to get young people all over the world to think actively about the long term sustainability of our planet and their role in the preservation of our natural resources.

In visiting schools around the country, I hae seen first hand the excitement generated when students begin to understand the connections between their local environment and the global environment. As a charter school in the Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE) Program, South Salem High School has shown its commitment to environmental education.

Please accept my best wishes to everyone involved in this international learning opportunity. Certainly the community can be proud of this effort, and I look forward to being updated on your progress.

The Secretary of the Interior - Washington

May 21, 1996

Students of South Salem High School
1910 Church Street, S.E.
Salem, Oregon 97302-3099

Dear Students:

I am sorry I cannot be with you this evening as you celebrate this momentous occasion. What you have accomplished, creating a museum exhibit to share your understanding of the earth and our natural resources with the rest of your community, is a credit to both your teachers and yourselves.

Your work truly has national significance, so I want to send a message to you tonight with my old friend Phil Keisling. I want to let you know that I support your mission 100% and applaud the tremendous effort you have made to educate others about the importance of conservation, preservation and restoration of our natural resources.

In my travels across our beautiful country, I have noticed that nearly everyone I meet considers themselves a "environmentalist" and cares about preserving the natural world. But not everyone understands how we can live in harmony with nature and still maintain the quality of life we desire. There are solutions to issues such as loss of ancient forests, loss of species, urbanization, ozone depletion, and environmental health. Your work, displayed here tonight, is important because it demonstrates some of these solutions. Through this exhibit, you have proven your ability to respond to serious challenges using science and innovation. Perhaps most importantly, through this exhibit, you are sharing the benefits of your knowledge and experience with others in your community.

Congratulations to each and every one of you. I know a lot of hard work and sacrifice went into this special night. I wish South Salem continued success in all your future endeavors.

Governor of the State of Oregon - John A. Kitzhaber

September 27, 1995

Rose Marie Abella
United Airlines
Building 575 3rd Floor
San Francisco CA 94128

Dear Ms. Abella:

Oregon's educational system has been at the forefront of school reform in terms of preparing students for the 21st century. This effort by Oregon's educators has led to many new and innovative educational programs around the state. One of particular interest and promise is an environmental issues project created by Andrew Goldstein and Molly Kellar that will lead to an International Environmental Summit. They intend to hold the first summit in the State of Oregon.

I had the opportunity to recognize the pilot project at South Salem High School in a keynote address on May 30, 1995. It is a model program that demonstrates curriculum integration and encourages interaction between students around the world. As our global community moves closer together, we have an urgent need for positive international collaboration in the areas of environment, economics, education and politics. The International Environmental Summit promotes this necessity and proides students the opportunity to make a positive dirrerence for their generation and the future.

With the scarcity of public funds, a project of this magnitude could not possibly be launched or sustained without support from the private sector. I fully endorse the International Environmental Summit program and hope that an educational partnership can be established with United Airlines so that this important program can become a reality.


Johnson Nkuuhe
Parliament of Uganda

Date: Friday, July 17, 1998

On Friday 17 July 98 I attended a computer/Internet training workshop for Namagunga and Namilyango at Namilyango College.

This course was organised by Namilyango and 2 American teachers from Oregon:

Andrew Goldstein and Molly Kellar of South Salem High School, Oregon, USA:
9088 S.W. Hill Street, Tigard, Oregon, USA 97223
phone (503) 603-9133 fax (503) 603-1871 Web:

These 2 teachers head the 21st Century Schoolhouse project, an environmental program in schools and communities.

The beauty of this was that the 2 teachers were invited to Namilyango by a Namilyango teacher using the Internet.

The 2 schools: Namilyango and Namagunga will send 12 students and teachers each to Australia in 1999. The 2 schools, Namilyango and Namagunga are acquired their computers (at least some of them) via the World Links for Development Project, a world bank-Uganda project that is taking connectivity to 10 Ugandan schools initially, but will spread to others. I am on the steering committee of the Uganda Program.

The beauty with this kind of program is that parents, school alumni and well-wishers can participate. This is a challenge to Ugandans abroad - how can you be part of the process?

More next time,


Johnson Nkuuhe
Parliament of Uganda
Box 7178
Fax 231296

South Africa

Office of the President
Republic of South Africa

August 22, 1997

To Whom It May Concern:

I have been informed that the Environmental Club of the Alexander Sinton High School in Athlone, Cape Town has been chosen to send a delegation of students and staff to The 21st Century Schoolhouse International Youth Environmental Summit to be held in Salem, Oregon USA in September, 1997, and that further they have embarked on a fund-raising campaign to raise the outstanding funds without which they will not be able to participate. The school has been selected to represent the African continent at this summit which will bring together one school from each continent.

I unreservedly give my endorsement to their participation and their attempts to raise funds therefor. Alexander Sinton High School has a distinguished history and I myself had inaugurated a most successful environmental project at the school in 1992.  Their efforts deserve every support not only because these students from a disadvantaged school need to have their enthusiasm, energy and idealism nurtured, but also because I believe the school's environmental club will successfully promote South Africa and Africa at this international event. Thank you.

N R Mandela




21st Century Schoolhouse
C/- Warnbro Community High School
Swallowtail Pde
Warnbro 6169

Dear Friends

Western Australia is honoured to be hosting the 2nd International Youth Environmental Summit in 1999. As Minister for the Environment, I am involved in managing our State's national parks, other conservation reserves and forests, as well as assessment and approval of developments or proposals which may have an impact on the environment. Almost daily, I see the importance of wise and careful management of our environment and the planet on which we live.

The issues which you will be debating in Perth are issues which affect people across the whole globe. By coming together, I hope you will be able to gain new understandings of environmental issues across the globe, which will give you more strength when you face your own challenges at home.

I am excited to see the momentum from your first summit being maintained and know that you will build on that experience while here in Western Australia. I look forward to meeting you all in September 1999 and personally extending a welcome to our part of the world.

Yours sincerely

Minister for the Environment


Message from the Minister of the Environment of Brazil

Hi to everyone of the global school project.
I wish to emphasize the great goal that represents the search of a way that involves the notion of progress with the multiple dimensions of the environmental questions.

To win this goal is at the same time a solidary effort among the people and deep ethical compromise among the generations.

Congratulations for the project.

Gustavo Krause
Environmental Minister of Brazil.

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