"The 21st Century Schoolhouse represents a tremendous opportunity for
businesses to share their knowledge and resources with young people and
make a positive impact on the communities in which they serve."

James Quinn, President/CEO, Collins Pine Company
1996 winner of the President's Award for Sustainable Development

"This program not only engages youth in addressing issues of global
concern, but inspires them, along with their communities, to use modern
technologies for the benefit of future generations.  We support this
program and urge others to support it as well so that youth and communities
worldwide can work and learn together using today's tools for tomorrow's

Bryan Johnston, President, Willamette University

"The 21st Century Schoolhouse demonstrates that youth from around the world
can work together to make a difference in our global communities and
corporations.  I hope this will be used as a model for classrooms

Laila Kaiser, Global Environmental Education Manager, NIKE

"I unreservedly endorse the participation of Alexander Sinton High School
in The 21st Century Schoolhouse. These students need to have their
enthusiasm, energy and idealism nurtured…and their efforts deserve every
support possible."

-      Nelson Mandela, President, Republic of South Africa

"To describe the work of this program as impressive is almost an
understatement.  If this cooperative learning and international attention
to global issues can be replicated by other schools, then our future is in
good hands."

-      Editorial, Statesman Journal, Sept. 6, 1997

"The 21st Century Schoolhouse is an outstanding example of how young
people, our leaders of tomorrow, can help us to develop strategies for
balancing economic growth with environmental sustainability.  By bringing
students together from diverse backgrounds to address some of our toughest
global issues, The 21st Century Schoolhouse is a good model of how the
Internet can effectively be used in the classroom."

Al Gore, Vice President of the United States

"I am so impressed with this program – impressed with what it has already accomplished and excited about the tremendous potential it possesses. The 21st Century Schoolhouse empowers youth and adults to make a difference in their communities and worldwide."

-      Adam Werbach, President, The Sierra Club

"I am delighted The 21st Century Schoolhouse is as successful as we had
hoped.  It certainly is refreshing to see and support a program that
promotes positive international collaboration in the areas of the
environment, economics, education and politics."

Dan London, City Manager, United Airlines

"How lucky we are for this program's embrace of today's technology, for
using the Internet as an effective tool for global communication and
problem-solving.  I salute the participants of this program, I respect
their vision, and I look forward to helping turn that vision into reality."

-      Darlene Hooley, U.S. Representative

"By establishing a community of learners, assuring knowledge of academic
content and demonstrating application of that knowledge, this program's
framework is what many educators and employers believe 21st century schools
should become."

-      Meredith Brodsky, Dean, School of Education, Western Oregon University

"Through their work, these students are proving their ability to respond to
serious challenges using science, technology and innovation.  Perhaps, most
importantly, they are sharing the benefits of their knowledge and
experience with others in their communities."

Bruce Babbitt, U.S. Secretary of the Interior

"Marriott supports The 21st Century Schoolhouse as it presents American
youth with a unique opportunity to learn about and actively participate in
the world community now.  It prepares them for a future of unprecedented
international and cross-cultural contact.  And it challenges them with a
vision which can benefit their communities, their country, and the world
they will inherit."

-     Steve Martini, Regional Manager, Marriott Corporation

"The 21st Century Schoolhouse makes education relevant and applicable to
the lives of students and the needs of the 21st century.  That is Oregon's
and the nation's vision of meaningful education with high academic

-     John Kitzhaber, Governor of Oregon

Copyright - The 21st Century Schoolhouse 1997